Mass Human Psyche ~ What Awakening Looks Like.

Our Earth is going through a Mass Spiritual Awakening. 

If you are willing to accept the reality that we ARE ALL CONNECTED (This is not just a lovely idea), This is A Molecular and Energetic Reality. It is the Basis and the Framework of the Entire Universe/s.

If you re willing to accept this reality, you can then Understand and perhaps See the Human Race as One Big HUMAN PSYCHE.

What happens to a Human when their Energy Body Awakens, is that ALL discordant Shadow aspects and Energies MUST come to the Surface. 

It’s like when you have Oil and Water: (analogy)

When you are still in unconsciousness, it would seem that the Oil and Water are Merged and connected, you may even think you are just Water. You may not even be aware you are carrying Oil. 

But when your Energy Rises and Awakens (this is a whole other topic), that Oil (Shadow Aspects) Seperates and Rises to the Surface and becomes very Clear. It becomes very obvious that you cannot merge the oil and the Water together, so the Oil must be Changed, Transmuted or Discarded. (I hope this analogy Computes).

So as we are one Human Psyche that is Awakening in a Big Way right now (whether we like it or not), the Aspects of Our Human Psyche that are Discordant with Love/God-Source Awareness, are coming to the surface. 

This looks like: 

~ War

~ Backward steps in Politics

~ Crazy actions in certain countries that are representative of the Human Shadow Psyche

~ Natural Disasters

~ And A Lot of Fear

But PLEASE don’t be afraid, this is just a part of the Process of Awakening. It is a Blink in the moment of Time. 

Don’t believe in The Bollocks fear that might try to Spread and Perpetuate. 
We all know the Power is in the People, in the Individual. Truth and Power comes from Within Us. That is true Law. 

Change does not come from powerful government figures. Because they are just us, swimming about like the rest of us, doing the best with the awareness they have. 

Change Comes from remembering Who We Really Are, and Following the actions and Guidance from our Higher Selves. Which is ALWAYS Loving, Kind, Powerful, Gentle, and in the BEST interest of ALL.

Don’t believe the Fear. Don’t feed it. This is just the Mass Awakening of our Human Psyche (represented as the human race).

You don’t cut off your right Arm in the hope to protect your Left. This Universe is Inclusive.

Remember that, and fear not. 
It’s Gonna keep getting more Fun.


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KUNDALINI AWAKENING ~ How to Recover & Manage your Energy.

Looking after your Physical and Emotional Health is So Important. Your Body is a Vessel and a Space that holds and is within your Energy Field. To interact with the Physical world, you have to bring that Energy through your Body. 

If your physical body or Psyche (Mind Body) is weak, it is very difficult for you to be able to comfortably hold your Expanded Energy (More of your Spirit) within your Body.

People Glow Physically because they have created more Space within themselves, within their Container to hold More of their Soul/Energy Self.

Reversely, if you have a weak body/immunity and psyche, and you have an experience that massively expands your Consciousness (i.e. A Drug Trip ~ dmt, ecstasy, acid, dope OR a Kundalini Energetic Awakening), this can cause a Trauma in your Psyche and your Body. 

What has happened?
Too much Energy has Flowed in too quickly and you didn’t have the mechanics of your mind and body to contain it. E.g. Like flooding a Light Bulb with too High of a voltage. The Bulb will literally Explode and Break.

A lot of people with psychological challenges have simply had experiences where the Voltage coming through them was More than they could contain at that time. This might be called a Peak experience, and yet can take a lot of time, assistance, therapy and body work to recover from.

So in your Energetic work (if you are Spiritually inclined), don’t be too hasty to Awaken or ‘Activate your Kundalini’… Trying to Awaken your Kundalini‘ when you aren’t ready for it can cause more damage and trauma than is necessary.

Also, if your Kundalini energy has spontaneously awakened (and you might feel either blissed out, or totally psychotic) then find someone (perhaps a holistic counsellor or well respected Energy Healer) to help you to find your feet and integrate all of this new psychic Energy. It is an amazing Process, but getting assistance will make it far less scary, and save you trouble in the long run. 

And, if you need assistance re Kundalini; reach out to me, as I have been through it and I would be happy to offer Support.

Warmth and Love, 
& #KeepYourFeetMuddy

Emma Sumner

• •


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What’s the Difference? 

Breath and Energy.

From my experience, Yoga causes you to focus on Activating your Energy Body (and then you move), whereas regular exercise promotes you to just move (which then activates your energy body). 
But the latter has far less power in it, because you are almost pulling your cart along behind you (cart being Energy Body).

Almost like putting the Horse behind the Cart. 

If you can get your Energy Body Activated First through Presencing, Yoga, or Meditation, then let that momentum activate the movement, this results in successful Physical Exercise or Activity.

For Example: 

If I go out for a Run and feel like I am really trying to Push through a wall, I will often just go and sit at the Base of a Big Tree, and Connect In, Get Centered, and Get My Breath Flowing with the Rhythm of Nature (this is a way of Activating your Energy Body). And when I feel ready I just get up and start moving in the way my body directs me to. Whether that be to Continue running, or shifting to an Easy Walking Pace instead.

It’s about getting Aligned with the Power and Source within you, which always knows and directs what your Body most needs in that given moment. (And Trusting it).

Another Example: 

Some of my Best Runs are out in the hills and Mountains. Why? The Pure Non-Resistant Energy of Nature causes our Minds, Consciousness, & Energy to Entrain with it. (Entrainment = to naturally shift to the same frequency).

A.k.a we come into alignment with OurSelves much quicker.

This is why you will often have your best Clarity or Genius ideas whilst Walking in Nature.
Everything becomes Clear (because You become Clear), by virtue of Naturally lining up with the Consciousness of Nature around you.

Regardless of whether you choose to consciously get Aligned and Connected with your Energy Body first, or simply just get your body moving, you will Benefit. 

It just depends on the type of Flow, Power and Alignment you want to Feel.

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MARIJUANA 🌿 ~ A Gateway, Not a Destination.

Okay this can be a tricky topic. And it’s one that I have some opinions on.

When smoked, marijuana can act as a gateway into 4th & 5th Dimensional realities, hence the feeling of Connection, Union, Oneness and the relief from anxiety and fear. 
But this is a Gateway you only need to walk through once. (And there are other ways than marijuana to access those States of Reality).

Once you have experienced those states of reality, you now Own that awareness, and know how to access it on your own (meaning you don’t need mind altering drugs to get there).

Now everyone has their own reasons for doing what they are doing.

But my only real point in sharing on this topic is, that if you are wanting to Grow and Develop as a Person, have a healthy and intact Psyche, and also Grow Spiritually, You gotta stop smoking the Ganja. It only opens the door to 4-5th dimensional realities, and when you keep smoking it, you Will STAY there. Meaning you won’t have access to growth beyond this point.

You cannot access 6th, 7th, & 8th and beyond, because the substance itself literally puts a Cap/Ceiling on your awareness. You end up blocking yourself and your own development, and from seeing Divine Reality Clearly.

Of course when you are smoking the stuff you’ll believe otherwise, because your are not fully present. 

That is why if you Notice people who smoke regularly they can almost seems as if they have a cloud following them, or that they have certain patterns of denial, or a circle of friends that Don’t seem to ‘Grow‘ or gain genuine traction in their life. It’s because this particular herb ‘when smoked’ Literally Stifles you and holds you back. It muddies up your psychic waters and stagnates you causing unhealthy bacterial growth in your metaphorical ‘pond’.

Now, this is not a judgement on smoking the stuff. It’s just a Guide Post to say, 

If You want Growth, and Genuine Connection with your HigherSelf/God/The Divine, you’ve gotta come off the stuff, and let your experience with it be a one time thing.

Once you have recalibrated your body, psyche, and immune system through diet change, exercise, lots of water, nature time, and perhaps some form of emotional support (counsellor, coach, mentor or what have you)’, then utilising the practices of Yoga and Meditation will help you get back to those ‘Unified States‘ that Ganja once gave you, and much much Higher, More Expanded, More Sober, and More Deeply Fulfilling.

Have a think about it. Don’t get stuck in the Substance trap. All Substances are just Psychological/Energetic Gateways, they are NOT Destinations.

Peace to You and your Heart, 



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I spent the last 6 months helping myself out of a very stressful and scary emotional space. 

It was my fear, and recognition that I had no other option that caused me to make the changes I needed to. 

And what I learnt, is that the best way to re establish happiness and cure grief, trauma, and deep emotional pain/fear is and was to SIMPLIFY.
To bring and draw everything back. To get back to basic practical actions


• Eating 3x densly Nutritional Meals a day, and generally at the same time every day.

• Setting up strong Morning Rituals everyday (e.g. Meditation, Journalling, Angel Card Reading, and Lemon Water) ~ or (Lemon Water, A walk or Run in a Beautiful Park) and then always a good decent breakfast. 
I was really trying to rebalance my Hormones and recalibrate the amount of Cortisol my body was producing with all of the stress I was experiencing.
Movement of some description everyday. (Outdoors Preferably). – A Brisk Walk in a Park – A Run – Riding my Bike to the Markets – Walking to the Markets – Strength Training in the Outdoor Gym – Sit Ups and Push-ups at home (for Fun not pain). 

• Getting Out into NATURE played a big part in rebalancing my emotions and mind, and connecting me with what was real and what wasn’t. It helped me to remember ALL IS WELL.

• Seeing a Network Care (form of Chiropractic) practitioner regularly. To keep my physical body in check and get my nervous system lined up with all the changes that were occurring.

• Quitting SUGAR ~ Literally a God Send. Quitting Sugar has helped me to feel the Ground under my Feet and my Heart in my Chest again. (Check out for more info).

• Looking into my Gut Health and Priobiotics (this is something I am still working on). But the Gut/Brain connection is very real. Our Nervous System really stems from out gut. (There are more nerve endings in our Gut than there are in our Spine or Brain).

• Using Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs. Their understanding of Energy/Qi and its effects in our Physical Body and mind is profound. And so helpful.

• Developing a proper evening Calm Down Routine. (Still working on this one phone wise, as I use my phone for relaxation music and Audios). ~ But generally, No Eating after 9pm ~ A relaxation tea (usually Valerian Root) ~ Writing in a Gratitude Journal ~ Having a Warm Shower ~ Using Essential Oils ~ And massaging my Feet and Pressure points for relaxation on my Body with Coconut or Sesame Oil. 

• DRINK lots of Clean Water.. LIKE LOTS ( I go by the 1Litre per 20kgs of your body weight idea). But I end up easily consuming a minimum of 5Litres a day. 

I make my intention to have a minimum 3Litres and set up all my Water Bottles full and Ready in the morning so I know what to get through. This one is a Game Changer. 

• AND Get SUPPORT (Therapist, Coach, Healer, Program). Whatever it is that clicks and feels right, get that support it is Essential (has been for me anyway). 

And there are so many more fine tuning things that I did and continue to do to lift me out of old habitual heavy emotional and mental patterns. 

There is So much to learn. And that is a Good thing.

If you can get some momentum going and commit to at least one thing on the above list, you will experience a change and positive changes and momentum will snowball from there. 

Don’t be afraid. Take your time. SIMPLIFY. And trust the positive momentum that is occurring.

YOU ARE SAFE Dear One. YOU ARE Enough, and I LOVE you.

I hope this has Helped.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

Love Emma

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Plants have Feelings too..

Firstly, I will start by saying that the Purpose of this post is not to get you to change your diet or your preferences, or what works for you. I am not interested in that. 

The purpose of this post is to perhaps get you to question your prejudices.

Okay so if you are at all a sensitive being (or even not), it’s pretty common knowledge that animals have feelings; they have a Nervous System. They bond with us Humans, connect with us, and screech out when they are in pain. They are sentient beings. Animals though are more in the moment of instinct, they don’t have the same mental processes as us humans; they respond instinctually to life. Which is what I admire so much about them.

Now, whether you personally believe this or not, Plants have feelings too. They have their own form of a Nervous System (the veins that run through their leaves). The more I am connected to myself, the more I feel and am aware of just how Alive and Sensory plants are.

Watch here just to see How Alive Plants Are.
Now in the debate of whether it is more Spiritual, Compassionate, or Loving to not eat animals and only eat plants; how can we ever know that for sure?

This video: Bashar – Vegan/Vegetarian/or Carnivore?, covers this topic really well.

I love what he says about ‘Plants have Feelings too’, because I have always known that. And when people say, ‘It’s more sensitive to not eat meat because animals have feelings, I often think ‘well so do plants‘. Some plants when you touch them shy away or even bite your finger (more so in Amazon style forests or the tropics). 

So it’s like, What? It’s okay to eat that plant because they can’t fight back and we can put our ideas on what it means to it without it be outwardly retorted?’

Ultimately, you have to do what truly feels right for you. 

We are all so intricately connected, atomically, energetically; nothing is separate from us. And I think that is what scares us. 

We have to get out of our heads and into our feelings and instincts. 

The answers you get about what is right for you might be very different for me. 

I invite you though, to be open, and to question what it really means to be a consumer of life. Because there is no way that it is possible to be a Human on Earth and not Consume life. You are a part of this ‘Circle of Life’. Even if you are Breathairian, you are still surviving on and taking in loads of atmospheric electricity and energy in the air to stay alive. You cannot avoid ‘Taking Life‘.

And I don’t personally feel that we are meant to. It’s almost a superiority complex; a believing that ‘I am Higher than this world that I am a part of. A world that consumes and then discharges.‘ It is, at this point of our human evolution, The Process of Life.

So Be Who You Are, and do what you do. But don’t put your own health and vitality at risk to suffer the demise of your own Ideas.

(If your ideas work, then they work, be aware of pride though, as it can often get in out way.) 

Best wishes on your day, and I invite you to Kindly share your ideas with me.



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You are not what you Eat…

Biggest Lesson for me over the years regarding food. 

“You aren’t what you Eat; You are what you Absorb.”
~ Jamie Oliver

I’m a meat eater. Have been Vego, Vegan, and Raw, and you never know may be again one day. But right now, and most usually, I thrive on animal flesh. 

And guess what, I was also iron deficient as well. Why? Because I was also under intense amounts of Stress and operating from Fight and Flight for a good couple of years. (Awfully Exhausting & unpleasant). Which means, all the blood that is supposed to be going to my gut to Absorb and carry the nutrients through my cells and body, was being used by my Fight/Flight state in my Chest, Lungs, Head, and Brain to prepare me to constantly Sprint in the other direction ‘to safety’.

So at that point whatever I was eating wasn’t doing a great deal. Although the Density of the Animal Meat was helping me to feel more Grounded & Calm, so that was an added benefit. 

So when looking at your Diet and Body. First really look at what is ‘Actually’ going on with you WHolistically. In your Physiology, your life circumstances and your mind. Then you’ll know where to go from there. 

I have worked in Many Many Health Food Stores, Organic Cafes, and Health Food Outlets, and something that struck me and became very clear was that I met some of the ‘Sickest, and most Psychologically ill and Unhealthy People‘ whilst working in these establishments. Now don’t get me wrong I met some Real ‘Happy Healthy Beamers’ there too, but the ratio of this was at least 70:30 (heavy on the unhealthy & miserable side). 

This experience kind of put me off of Food as an Answer to Wellness. And I really veered away from it for a few years. 
But what I was really needing to learn from that wasn’t that food wasn’t important or vital to wellbeing & happiness, but that it wasn’t the Most Important. That there was something Far more Powerful than just food and Nutrition. 
And that was, and still is, Personal Alignment. 

Liking Oneself. Being Inspired by Life. Healing Childhood Wounds. Being in Healthy Relationships. Enjoying your Body. But Most Importantly; Letting the Fuck Go, and Having Fun. Not taking ourselves or Life So Seriously. 

You could Chain smoke for the rest of your life, and as long as you were a ‘Happy Chiller’ who enjoyed life would be Far Healthier than your ‘Healthy Bunny’ friend with a Bottom as Tight as a Needles End. ☺️

I have always said, that Food either Enhances our Whole Being and Chemistry or simply exacerbates or Inflames pre-existing problems usually related to Stress, Our Nervous Systems, our Emotions & Minds. But the Truth is, that each person is an Individual with their own Biochemical & Energetic Universe going on inside their Bodies, and need to be treated and Assessed that way. 
Sometimes the Egg needs to come first, and Sometimes the Chicken.

Well Being First. Alignment First. Follow your Impulses. Do what is Right for You. Not the Latest Food Fad (unless it is in fact right for you). And Follow and remake and recreate your ‘Own Rules‘ as you Go along. And Change them




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‘I Quit Sugar’ – Steady Ground.

Seven weeks into my ‘I Quit Sugar’ 8 week program Experiment, this is what I have learnt so far:

To stay flexible and open, and to explore options. I realise I am not ‘anti’ sugar or Fructose, I just now have more of a balanced and educated perspective on it, so my choices and habits in the future around the consumption of it will be much more informed and balanced. 

I strongly feel that our psychology influences our physiology. So a Sugar free diet with a Mentality Negative mind will produce the same results as an incredibly Positive Mind, with a Sugar filled diet. Its all in the balance of our thought and perspective. 

In saying this, I realise that once finding mental and emotional equilibirum (whatever the means – mind, body, spirit, diet etc.), Adjusting what we consume only Enhances that internal mental and soul stabliity. 

So it doesn’t matter what comes first; mind, body, emotions, diet, energy. 

The first and most important thing is the Balance of our Thought and our Well Being. Start there, and then make changes you feel Inspired to. 

Self Kindness first. 
Thank you, 


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Photograph Credit: @ultrarunnerjustin (Instagram)

Lose Weight = Open Your Heart.

I have always said that all ‘Weight’ is just ‘Energy’, and often stored Tension. It is energy that we carry and hold onto for many reasons. Sometimes Physiologically our bodies hold on in fear of not receiving the nutrients we need, so we store our resources.
And Emotionally & Energetically, we can store weight as a form of Protection, Defiance, Guardedness, & Resentment
It can be the same with ‘Intense’ levels of exercise, we build our muscles so big and strong, we literally ‘Build Armour‘, especially around our Hearts. 
It is all about our Intention and our Emotional State. How we feel about ourselves and what we believe about ourselves is what will manifest in our Bodies. And there is always a ‘reason’ we have crafted our bodies in such a way. 
To connect with that reason, we need to connect with our bodies, our emotions and our energy. Allowing ourselves and our Hearts to be opened.
We can do this through ‘Meditation’, through ‘Yoga’, through ‘Walking’, ‘Energy Healing’, ‘Journalling’, ‘Dancing’, and through conscious awareness of how we treat our bodies by what we put in it: ‘Nutrition’.
(Me at 10: in my Prime.)  


The point is, there is no One Way to open up your Heart and your own Energy field, and there is no One Way to release, or integrate that stored Emotion. 
From my Personal Experience the one piece of advice I would give, is to ‘Stay With‘. What ever you are doing or experiencing, try your best to stay with your feelings and sensations by breathing and staying connected to the feeling of your body and any points of contact between your body and the environment. (I.e. – Your feet on the Floor, the Back of a chair, or your hips on the ground).

The Answer is always
within. The core answer is always internal. And sometimes it takes participation with the outside world and external actions to bring clarity to those answers (e.g. Going for that walk, committing to a positive diet change, going to get Counselling, or seeing a Healer etc.) 

We need to be willing to show up for that Change. 

Best Wishes,



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Yoga, Your Nervous System, & General Upliftment.

Yoga is one of the most beneficial ways to bring your nervous system into equilibrium and natural health.

And why do you want a balanced nervous system? 

Well your nervous system is an electrical system in your body (I.e. Your nerves). This system is responsible for the fight/flight/freeze response in your body (which is the part the shoots out adrenaline to save our lives in the face of ‘danger’). 

Often through modern stressors our nervous systems are working overtime, responding at a high level of fight & flight just to get through ‘daily tasks’ and ‘stay safe’. 

Yet most of these stressors that we experience are imagined by our minds or perceived fears through social ‘story telling’. 

So this fight/flight/freeze response which was only meant to be active in the face of life or death situation to bypass human rationality & save our lives, has now become a detriment to our health and daily lives. 

When we are on guard in such a way, it is difficult to rest, rejuvenate, have healthy & meaningful communication, to digest our food, sleep, and plainly and simply enjoy our lives.

There are many ways to ‘turn off’ this on going fight/flight/freeze response. 

Some of the tools I use are:

~ Network Care (a form of subtle chiropractic that is likened to kinesiology in the lightness of its touch).

   – Google: Network Care & LifeWise in Adelaide.

~ Exercise.

~ Time in nature.

~ Decrease intake of stimulants & substances (e.g. Alcohol, party drugs, coffee, sugars, or overly processed substances).

~ Rescue Remedy (or other flower remedies that particularly calm distress or Anxiety.

~ Mindfulness & Body Awareness.

~ Yoga & Meditation.

(& many more)

If you aren’t already aware of the benefits of Yoga & meditation, quite simply put, it is a process of combining gentle Movement with Breath & Body Awareness, which creates a sensitivity to your feelings, thought processes & the present moment. 

This sensitivity brings you right into the present moment, into the what’s happening right now of you, where you have the perspective & space to relax & make new choices about the thoughts you choose to think. 

Yet most predominantly what occurs, is your natural state of Wellbeing takes charge again and you are able to fully relax and dissolve into it, letting the feeling of peace, stillness, and general upliftment be the foundation for your life. 

Give it a try if you want to. There are plenty of videos online – follow your instincts & what feels good for you.

Emma Sumner


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