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I spent the last 6 months helping myself out of a very stressful and scary emotional space. 

It was my fear, and recognition that I had no other option that caused me to make the changes I needed to. 

And what I learnt, is that the best way to re establish happiness and cure grief, trauma, and deep emotional pain/fear is and was to SIMPLIFY.
To bring and draw everything back. To get back to basic practical actions


• Eating 3x densly Nutritional Meals a day, and generally at the same time every day.

• Setting up strong Morning Rituals everyday (e.g. Meditation, Journalling, Angel Card Reading, and Lemon Water) ~ or (Lemon Water, A walk or Run in a Beautiful Park) and then always a good decent breakfast. 
I was really trying to rebalance my Hormones and recalibrate the amount of Cortisol my body was producing with all of the stress I was experiencing.
Movement of some description everyday. (Outdoors Preferably). – A Brisk Walk in a Park – A Run – Riding my Bike to the Markets – Walking to the Markets – Strength Training in the Outdoor Gym – Sit Ups and Push-ups at home (for Fun not pain). 

• Getting Out into NATURE played a big part in rebalancing my emotions and mind, and connecting me with what was real and what wasn’t. It helped me to remember ALL IS WELL.

• Seeing a Network Care (form of Chiropractic) practitioner regularly. To keep my physical body in check and get my nervous system lined up with all the changes that were occurring.

• Quitting SUGAR ~ Literally a God Send. Quitting Sugar has helped me to feel the Ground under my Feet and my Heart in my Chest again. (Check out sarahwilson.com for more info).

• Looking into my Gut Health and Priobiotics (this is something I am still working on). But the Gut/Brain connection is very real. Our Nervous System really stems from out gut. (There are more nerve endings in our Gut than there are in our Spine or Brain).

• Using Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs. Their understanding of Energy/Qi and its effects in our Physical Body and mind is profound. And so helpful.

• Developing a proper evening Calm Down Routine. (Still working on this one phone wise, as I use my phone for relaxation music and Audios). ~ But generally, No Eating after 9pm ~ A relaxation tea (usually Valerian Root) ~ Writing in a Gratitude Journal ~ Having a Warm Shower ~ Using Essential Oils ~ And massaging my Feet and Pressure points for relaxation on my Body with Coconut or Sesame Oil. 

• DRINK lots of Clean Water.. LIKE LOTS ( I go by the 1Litre per 20kgs of your body weight idea). But I end up easily consuming a minimum of 5Litres a day. 

I make my intention to have a minimum 3Litres and set up all my Water Bottles full and Ready in the morning so I know what to get through. This one is a Game Changer. 

• AND Get SUPPORT (Therapist, Coach, Healer, Program). Whatever it is that clicks and feels right, get that support it is Essential (has been for me anyway). 

And there are so many more fine tuning things that I did and continue to do to lift me out of old habitual heavy emotional and mental patterns. 

There is So much to learn. And that is a Good thing.

If you can get some momentum going and commit to at least one thing on the above list, you will experience a change and positive changes and momentum will snowball from there. 

Don’t be afraid. Take your time. SIMPLIFY. And trust the positive momentum that is occurring.

YOU ARE SAFE Dear One. YOU ARE Enough, and I LOVE you.

I hope this has Helped.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

Love Emma

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