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What’s the Difference? 

Breath and Energy.

From my experience, Yoga causes you to focus on Activating your Energy Body (and then you move), whereas regular exercise promotes you to just move (which then activates your energy body). 
But the latter has far less power in it, because you are almost pulling your cart along behind you (cart being Energy Body).

Almost like putting the Horse behind the Cart. 

If you can get your Energy Body Activated First through Presencing, Yoga, or Meditation, then let that momentum activate the movement, this results in successful Physical Exercise or Activity.

For Example: 

If I go out for a Run and feel like I am really trying to Push through a wall, I will often just go and sit at the Base of a Big Tree, and Connect In, Get Centered, and Get My Breath Flowing with the Rhythm of Nature (this is a way of Activating your Energy Body). And when I feel ready I just get up and start moving in the way my body directs me to. Whether that be to Continue running, or shifting to an Easy Walking Pace instead.

It’s about getting Aligned with the Power and Source within you, which always knows and directs what your Body most needs in that given moment. (And Trusting it).

Another Example: 

Some of my Best Runs are out in the hills and Mountains. Why? The Pure Non-Resistant Energy of Nature causes our Minds, Consciousness, & Energy to Entrain with it. (Entrainment = to naturally shift to the same frequency).

A.k.a we come into alignment with OurSelves much quicker.

This is why you will often have your best Clarity or Genius ideas whilst Walking in Nature.
Everything becomes Clear (because You become Clear), by virtue of Naturally lining up with the Consciousness of Nature around you.

Regardless of whether you choose to consciously get Aligned and Connected with your Energy Body first, or simply just get your body moving, you will Benefit. 

It just depends on the type of Flow, Power and Alignment you want to Feel.

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