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KUNDALINI AWAKENING ~ How to Recover & Manage your Energy.

Looking after your Physical and Emotional Health is So Important. Your Body is a Vessel and a Space that holds and is within your Energy Field. To interact with the Physical world, you have to bring that Energy through your Body. 

If your physical body or Psyche (Mind Body) is weak, it is very difficult for you to be able to comfortably hold your Expanded Energy (More of your Spirit) within your Body.

People Glow Physically because they have created more Space within themselves, within their Container to hold More of their Soul/Energy Self.

Reversely, if you have a weak body/immunity and psyche, and you have an experience that massively expands your Consciousness (i.e. A Drug Trip ~ dmt, ecstasy, acid, dope OR a Kundalini Energetic Awakening), this can cause a Trauma in your Psyche and your Body. 

What has happened?
Too much Energy has Flowed in too quickly and you didn’t have the mechanics of your mind and body to contain it. E.g. Like flooding a Light Bulb with too High of a voltage. The Bulb will literally Explode and Break.

A lot of people with psychological challenges have simply had experiences where the Voltage coming through them was More than they could contain at that time. This might be called a Peak experience, and yet can take a lot of time, assistance, therapy and body work to recover from.

So in your Energetic work (if you are Spiritually inclined), don’t be too hasty to Awaken or ‘Activate your Kundalini’… Trying to Awaken your Kundalini‘ when you aren’t ready for it can cause more damage and trauma than is necessary.

Also, if your Kundalini energy has spontaneously awakened (and you might feel either blissed out, or totally psychotic) then find someone (perhaps a holistic counsellor or well respected Energy Healer) to help you to find your feet and integrate all of this new psychic Energy. It is an amazing Process, but getting assistance will make it far less scary, and save you trouble in the long run. 

And, if you need assistance re Kundalini; reach out to me, as I have been through it and I would be happy to offer Support.

Warmth and Love, 
& #KeepYourFeetMuddy

Emma Sumner

• emmayogamoves@gmail.com •


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