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Meditation & Your Answers.

A couple of years back when I was experiencing a time of confusion and uncertainty with the path I wanted to take with my career and dreams (whether I wanted to pursue Yoga teaching again), I found my self for a few months synchronistically bumping into my old guitar teacher, whom I hadn’t seen in quite a while.

I was internally asking for answers and guidance, and I wanted help with my questions.
I would bump into her almost fortnightly at one stage, we’d both choose to take a random turn, or walk a different way, and boom there we’d be, the two of us again in the alley.

This was definitely a sign. I would talk with her about all sorts of things; my worries, my concerns, my dreams, what I really wanted & my fears. And she would share her dreams & her experiences, much of which a few years back for her mirrored what I was then experiencing.

One thing she kept slipping in when we would speak was, ‘Meditate’.
‘Seriously’, she would say, ‘Meditate, the answers will come. That is what I did, and I ended up starting my own guitar teaching business’.

I remember hearing her say that and feeling incredibly resistant. I would think to myself, ‘Meditate, that’s too simple, too wishy washy; a fluffy way to spiritually avoid real answers.

Yet the real answers I was looking for weren’t seeming to come. Or at least I was blocking them by not Meditating and allowing myself to be quiet enough to hear them.

Around this same time, I received an energy healing, and the lady kept saying to me, ‘Meditate, meditate. Sit in nature and just relax, be, do nothing, and look at the trees’.

I found this so frustrating. I thought to myself, ‘Why would I meditate & sit around doing nothing, when I am already apparently doing enough of that. I want real answers about my work. I want someone to tell me what to do.’

As it turns out, someone was telling me what to do. And that someone was God. That someone was lining me up with all of the right people at the right time, to give me all the answers I needed to all of my questions.

So what did I do? I Meditated. I started a daily practice of actually sitting silently and focusing on my breathing for around 20mins, and quite often much longer.

I felt calmer, more confident, more supported, and more content. And I started to feel my inner voice again more clearly, I started to feel what my heart really wanted, and more importantly, accept it.

And not long after that I was offered Yoga teaching jobs at some wonderful gyms, some of which I am still teaching at today.

Meditation grounds me, and connects me with the reality that is mine. I am able to feel my heart, hear my intuition, and feel & know how I really feel about things.
It helps me to feel centred, available, connected, and able to show up for my life, my day, and most importantly for me & my relationships.

If you have never tried meditation, here are some tips:

– Sit yourself comfortably.

– Set a timer on your phone for 10-20 minutes.

– Close your eyes, and consciously focus and feel into your breath. That’s it.

Your mind may wander. No problem, just keep resting it on, and feeling into the flow of your breath.

Enjoy, & Let me know how you go.



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