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Mass Human Psyche ~ What Awakening Looks Like.

Our Earth is going through a Mass Spiritual Awakening. 

If you are willing to accept the reality that we ARE ALL CONNECTED (This is not just a lovely idea), This is A Molecular and Energetic Reality. It is the Basis and the Framework of the Entire Universe/s.

If you re willing to accept this reality, you can then Understand and perhaps See the Human Race as One Big HUMAN PSYCHE.

What happens to a Human when their Energy Body Awakens, is that ALL discordant Shadow aspects and Energies MUST come to the Surface. 

It’s like when you have Oil and Water: (analogy)

When you are still in unconsciousness, it would seem that the Oil and Water are Merged and connected, you may even think you are just Water. You may not even be aware you are carrying Oil. 

But when your Energy Rises and Awakens (this is a whole other topic), that Oil (Shadow Aspects) Seperates and Rises to the Surface and becomes very Clear. It becomes very obvious that you cannot merge the oil and the Water together, so the Oil must be Changed, Transmuted or Discarded. (I hope this analogy Computes).

So as we are one Human Psyche that is Awakening in a Big Way right now (whether we like it or not), the Aspects of Our Human Psyche that are Discordant with Love/God-Source Awareness, are coming to the surface. 

This looks like: 

~ War

~ Backward steps in Politics

~ Crazy actions in certain countries that are representative of the Human Shadow Psyche

~ Natural Disasters

~ And A Lot of Fear

But PLEASE don’t be afraid, this is just a part of the Process of Awakening. It is a Blink in the moment of Time. 

Don’t believe in The Bollocks fear that might try to Spread and Perpetuate. 
We all know the Power is in the People, in the Individual. Truth and Power comes from Within Us. That is true Law. 

Change does not come from powerful government figures. Because they are just us, swimming about like the rest of us, doing the best with the awareness they have. 

Change Comes from remembering Who We Really Are, and Following the actions and Guidance from our Higher Selves. Which is ALWAYS Loving, Kind, Powerful, Gentle, and in the BEST interest of ALL.

Don’t believe the Fear. Don’t feed it. This is just the Mass Awakening of our Human Psyche (represented as the human race).

You don’t cut off your right Arm in the hope to protect your Left. This Universe is Inclusive.

Remember that, and fear not. 
It’s Gonna keep getting more Fun.



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2 thoughts

  1. Thank you for this reminder! When we remember, it makes the darkness more barable! Also made me understand myself more!

    1. Totally Chantal… and also helps us not to fear and separate ourselves from others. Like the ‘US’ against them theme.. always feels crappy when we do that. Thanks for reading. X

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