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I don’t care what anybody says… it doesn’t matter what you eat, if your Energy is Outta Whack your body will be Outta Whack.

You can deal with the symptoms by eating the freshest food on earth, but if you don’t deal with your Misaligned Energyand make that the primary priority, you’ll never actually change what caused your body to get into the sickness frequency’ in the first place.

For example; Auto immune issues can have many causes, but the majority of cases I have seen have a basis of Chronic Stress, Fear, PTSD, Trauma or really low Self Esteem.

Often people were brought up in environments that did not support their sense of safety in being Themselves, and somewhere along the way these people became like chameleons lining up their Energy with their environment and the People around them as to create a sense of safety for themselves (never rock the boat people… or on the other end extreme rebellion, drug addiction, high functioning anxiety).

All of these things are coping, survival, and adaption mechanisms to dealing with an environment or experience that was not conducive to us feeling Safe or being OurSelves.

Okay so imagining you are one of these People, and you have now Distorted your Energy through Adaption (I.e. not in true alignment with your natural self), so you’ve created this distortion which on a subtle level (and sometimes not so subtle) creates a chronic type of stress in the body.
Stress puts an incredible strain on our immune system (there are positive stressors & negative but Chronic Stress is not conducive to Wellbeing).

Okay, so now your Immune System is Low, and you perhaps encounter a bug, bacteria, cold, flu, or virus; and because your immune system is not functioning optimally that bug or what have you take a bit more of a stronger hold and you never fully clear it out of your body.
Years go by and your Vibration/Energy is still a bit Outta Whack and your also a bit confused at your low grade fatigue (bug), which seems to not be going away.

There we have a simple idea of the explanation of chronic illness.
But what is actually the thing there that is Chronic?

It is the Vibrational Misalignment.

You actually have a Chronic Energy Misalignment.

All the other symptoms are just frivolous surface expressions of a deeper Misalignment. Yes, it is important to take the supplements and eat the foods that clear the symptoms but if you don’t realign your Energy back up with your natural self you’ll just create some other symptom; because you’re not in your Power. You aren’t in your Energetic Power, and some type of symptom will always show up to inform and gently guide and remind you back to your natural self.

Nothing has gone wrong here; it’s just feedback.

You are not Wrong for being sick, you are just getting feedback. And it actually isn’t your Fault. It’s no ones fault. It’s just kind of laws of physics. It’s the way things went.
There is nothing to change or fix about what has been. It is simply a re-choosing and refocusing of the Energy you now wish to Be; that you Now wish to stand in.

What do you Choose from Here?

And remember, put the Cart before the Horse… and then follow the prompts you get from that Alignment with Yourself.

✌ ~ Emma Sumner

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