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Yoga, Your Nervous System, & General Upliftment.

Yoga is one of the most beneficial ways to bring your nervous system into equilibrium and natural health.

And why do you want a balanced nervous system? 

Well your nervous system is an electrical system in your body (I.e. Your nerves). This system is responsible for the fight/flight/freeze response in your body (which is the part the shoots out adrenaline to save our lives in the face of ‘danger’). 

Often through modern stressors our nervous systems are working overtime, responding at a high level of fight & flight just to get through ‘daily tasks’ and ‘stay safe’. 

Yet most of these stressors that we experience are imagined by our minds or perceived fears through social ‘story telling’. 

So this fight/flight/freeze response which was only meant to be active in the face of life or death situation to bypass human rationality & save our lives, has now become a detriment to our health and daily lives. 

When we are on guard in such a way, it is difficult to rest, rejuvenate, have healthy & meaningful communication, to digest our food, sleep, and plainly and simply enjoy our lives.

There are many ways to ‘turn off’ this on going fight/flight/freeze response. 

Some of the tools I use are:

~ Network Care (a form of subtle chiropractic that is likened to kinesiology in the lightness of its touch).

   – Google: Network Care & LifeWise in Adelaide.

~ Exercise.

~ Time in nature.

~ Decrease intake of stimulants & substances (e.g. Alcohol, party drugs, coffee, sugars, or overly processed substances).

~ Rescue Remedy (or other flower remedies that particularly calm distress or Anxiety.

~ Mindfulness & Body Awareness.

~ Yoga & Meditation.

(& many more)

If you aren’t already aware of the benefits of Yoga & meditation, quite simply put, it is a process of combining gentle Movement with Breath & Body Awareness, which creates a sensitivity to your feelings, thought processes & the present moment. 

This sensitivity brings you right into the present moment, into the what’s happening right now of you, where you have the perspective & space to relax & make new choices about the thoughts you choose to think. 

Yet most predominantly what occurs, is your natural state of Wellbeing takes charge again and you are able to fully relax and dissolve into it, letting the feeling of peace, stillness, and general upliftment be the foundation for your life. 

Give it a try if you want to. There are plenty of videos online – follow your instincts & what feels good for you.

Emma Sumner


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