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Sexual Energy is Sexual Energy, and Sexual Energy has NOTHING to do with the flesh and atoms it happens to be flowing through at that time.

Sexual Energy IS Everything. It is creation, destruction, nurturing, plants, rocks, fire, love, babies, elderly, laughing, joy, aggression. Sexual Energy is Life.

When a person is attracted to another it is because there is a magnetism or activation within them as they encounter the energy of another person.

The other person could be male or female, it would not matter. It is the unique balance of energy flow that that individual has going on that makes them uniquely attractive (magnetising) to the other they are encountering.

It is the unique balance of personal masculine/feminine energy, personality attributes, soul energy, and wounding that makes one person’s energy spark another.

Sexual Energy and Sexual encounters are all about Transformation, Transmutation, and Expansion. Your sexual Energy and the Beings you express it with is your Personal Medicine for growth. Therefore everyone you feel attracted to (are activated by) is your Medicine; regardless of their Gender.

This includes being attracted to People who are not good for you, because the very recognition of that activation and attraction shows you where your work/resistance/healing lies.

This does not mean you need to have sex with this certain person, nor even engage your sexual Energy with them, but it is meant as a lighthouse, a pointer, and a guide to greater intimacy, healing and understanding within yourself.

Our Sexual Energy is sacred and precious and should be treated as so. It is our Life Force and our Creative Energy and it is the thing that drives the life and flow of us. When we have our heart fully informing our Sexual Energy and Expression, then we will have a Very Well running Vessel & Life.

~ Emma Sumner

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