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If I think back to the earlier days of my awakening Journey (even so far as 10 years ago) and when I started to see and glimpse Energy, Light & other dimensions in a far more conscious & real way, the energy at that time was still very dense.

It might seem like all is going to shit in some ways on the planet, but this is really not true.

There is so much light waving and uplevelling through that things are being cleared/released/disfragmented Out.

Like when you start dusting a room and the dust fills the air and it seems hard to breathe… that dust was always there, but now your clearing it out.

This planet, this space, and my experience of the dimensions of it is so much lighter than ever before. There’s a kind of Fluidity or more Buoyancy to it.

(And that could be because my levels of awareness and perceivability have expanded.)

But I do feel like there is a lot more Light here than ever before. The Veils feel Thinner, more air-like.

Take Heart in this.

This is a Journey of a billion years.

You have done well my friend. You have done Well.

~ Emma Sumner

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