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👼🏼✨ ~ Tips for Clearing Your Energy ~ 🦜

‘Shamans and psychics are also able to see “entities” or “beings” that linger in the presence of these individuals.‘

~ Educate Inspire Change

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I have been saying for Years that most people labeled schizophrenic often have either a split in the psyche; a multiple/sometimes un-integrated aspect, or in many cases they are experiencing Entities or other non well-being promoting energies in their field, and sometimes there is something happening on a chemical level aswell (that can easily be shifted).

Entities can come in or be ‘aligned with’ in so many ways. I say ‘Aligned’ with because nothing in this universe can reach us unless there is some type of Vibrational match or permission.

Sometimes this can look like experiencing any sort of trauma that creates rips, holes, and openings in the aura… extreme Grief can almost feel like a ripping in the back of the aura (none of which is bad we just need to know how to balance ourselves back in our own energy container).

Other ways to create openings or become a Vibrational match is Drugs!! This one is a biggie… A lot of people go out and take these hardcore dirty (meaning chemically & energetically unclean) Drugs & come back home with a Bunch of little shits of all sorts hanging in their field.

Sometimes drinking to the point of passing out leaves the physical and Energy Bodies Unoccupied & other Energies will come in to take it’s place. Ever heard of those people who do horrendous & unthinkable things when drinking & on drugs & can’t seem to remember it when sobered up or even believe they were capable of such things or intentions?!

Other ways, are energetically creating agreements with perhaps ‘impure/inverted/or not integral’ Spiritual Structures. Often this looks like either signing or energetically making agreements and giving power over to Cults, Cult Leaders, & other structures that would feed off your Energy.

Knowingly or Unknowingly every Energetic Entity we experience we on some level agreed to through some energetic permission by either giving our Power Away, or not honouring our bodies, energy fields, or needs so on some level distorting our fields into a match to that energy.

There are many other ways that we can accidentally align with entities etc. there are almost too many to name.

Another is through more darker Sexual encounters.

They aren’t to be feared on any Level. As You are the Power & Commander of your Vessel & you have complete command & Power to remove, release, & send them out of your energetic field & Housing.

🦜 ✨ 🍃

Some simple things you can do Yourself is say;

~ ‘Only the Highest Love & the Highest Light May be in my Presence.’

~ You can call on the Christ Light & Jesus to help release all lower vibrating energies & Entities.

~ The Light of Archangel Michael is also a powerful way to scare them off.

~ Also burning Sage in and around your Aura to reclaim your Energetic Space & Release what is not yours.

~ A Salt Bath with Epsom Salts.

~ Powerful Essential Oils on the areas you can feel the Energy annoying You.

~ You Can Pray for God or Light to help release those energies.

~ Time spent in nature to re-stabilise & re-calibrate (especially Barefoot 🦶🏼 )

~ Clean up your diet & pull back from refined sugars & caffeine until your cleared up.. (just as they love lower energies of stress & Adrenaline).

~ Powerful Light Mantra’s that resonate with truth at a soul Level for you.

~ Swimming in the Ocean.

~ Shungite Crystal/Mineral.

~ Powerful Clearing Crystals. Whatever Crystals feel like the most Resonant & High Vibration to You.

And Of Course if you still feel like you need some more support to shift your Energy you can find a Healer or Shaman you Trust with Integrity to help you stabilise & balance your Field.

If you have experienced these energies/entities in your field it is Astonishing how much better you feel & How much Life Force you get back once you clear them.

Also as a side note; Re- the Spiritual/Cultish structures you align with. Be careful what type of agreements you make with these systems & structures and make sure it’s Serves YOUR Life Force & Highest Good.

And as I am writing this a Little Cherub 👼🏼 Child is walking past me with her Mum & she is staring at me for attention and when I look up is reaching her arm out & smiling & waving at me. 😇💛

The Little Crystals love Peace on Earth.

Bless & Love & Fear Not.

You are the Power House.

~ Love Emma 💛


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