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‘I Quit Sugar’ – Steady Ground.

Seven weeks into my ‘I Quit Sugar’ 8 week program Experiment, this is what I have learnt so far:

To stay flexible and open, and to explore options. I realise I am not ‘anti’ sugar or Fructose, I just now have more of a balanced and educated perspective on it, so my choices and habits in the future around the consumption of it will be much more informed and balanced. 

I strongly feel that our psychology influences our physiology. So a Sugar free diet with a Mentality Negative mind will produce the same results as an incredibly Positive Mind, with a Sugar filled diet. Its all in the balance of our thought and perspective. 

In saying this, I realise that once finding mental and emotional equilibirum (whatever the means – mind, body, spirit, diet etc.), Adjusting what we consume only Enhances that internal mental and soul stabliity. 

So it doesn’t matter what comes first; mind, body, emotions, diet, energy. 

The first and most important thing is the Balance of our Thought and our Well Being. Start there, and then make changes you feel Inspired to. 

Self Kindness first. 
Thank you, 


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Photograph Credit: @ultrarunnerjustin (Instagram)

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