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You are not what you Eat…

Biggest Lesson for me over the years regarding food. 

“You aren’t what you Eat; You are what you Absorb.”
~ Jamie Oliver

I’m a meat eater. Have been Vego, Vegan, and Raw, and you never know may be again one day. But right now, and most usually, I thrive on animal flesh. 

And guess what, I was also iron deficient as well. Why? Because I was also under intense amounts of Stress and operating from Fight and Flight for a good couple of years. (Awfully Exhausting & unpleasant). Which means, all the blood that is supposed to be going to my gut to Absorb and carry the nutrients through my cells and body, was being used by my Fight/Flight state in my Chest, Lungs, Head, and Brain to prepare me to constantly Sprint in the other direction ‘to safety’.

So at that point whatever I was eating wasn’t doing a great deal. Although the Density of the Animal Meat was helping me to feel more Grounded & Calm, so that was an added benefit. 

So when looking at your Diet and Body. First really look at what is ‘Actually’ going on with you WHolistically. In your Physiology, your life circumstances and your mind. Then you’ll know where to go from there. 

I have worked in Many Many Health Food Stores, Organic Cafes, and Health Food Outlets, and something that struck me and became very clear was that I met some of the ‘Sickest, and most Psychologically ill and Unhealthy People‘ whilst working in these establishments. Now don’t get me wrong I met some Real ‘Happy Healthy Beamers’ there too, but the ratio of this was at least 70:30 (heavy on the unhealthy & miserable side). 

This experience kind of put me off of Food as an Answer to Wellness. And I really veered away from it for a few years. 
But what I was really needing to learn from that wasn’t that food wasn’t important or vital to wellbeing & happiness, but that it wasn’t the Most Important. That there was something Far more Powerful than just food and Nutrition. 
And that was, and still is, Personal Alignment. 

Liking Oneself. Being Inspired by Life. Healing Childhood Wounds. Being in Healthy Relationships. Enjoying your Body. But Most Importantly; Letting the Fuck Go, and Having Fun. Not taking ourselves or Life So Seriously. 

You could Chain smoke for the rest of your life, and as long as you were a ‘Happy Chiller’ who enjoyed life would be Far Healthier than your ‘Healthy Bunny’ friend with a Bottom as Tight as a Needles End. ☺️

I have always said, that Food either Enhances our Whole Being and Chemistry or simply exacerbates or Inflames pre-existing problems usually related to Stress, Our Nervous Systems, our Emotions & Minds. But the Truth is, that each person is an Individual with their own Biochemical & Energetic Universe going on inside their Bodies, and need to be treated and Assessed that way. 
Sometimes the Egg needs to come first, and Sometimes the Chicken.

Well Being First. Alignment First. Follow your Impulses. Do what is Right for You. Not the Latest Food Fad (unless it is in fact right for you). And Follow and remake and recreate your ‘Own Rules‘ as you Go along. And Change them




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