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Plants have Feelings too..

Firstly, I will start by saying that the Purpose of this post is not to get you to change your diet or your preferences, or what works for you. I am not interested in that. 

The purpose of this post is to perhaps get you to question your prejudices.

Okay so if you are at all a sensitive being (or even not), it’s pretty common knowledge that animals have feelings; they have a Nervous System. They bond with us Humans, connect with us, and screech out when they are in pain. They are sentient beings. Animals though are more in the moment of instinct, they don’t have the same mental processes as us humans; they respond instinctually to life. Which is what I admire so much about them.

Now, whether you personally believe this or not, Plants have feelings too. They have their own form of a Nervous System (the veins that run through their leaves). The more I am connected to myself, the more I feel and am aware of just how Alive and Sensory plants are.

Watch here just to see How Alive Plants Are.
Now in the debate of whether it is more Spiritual, Compassionate, or Loving to not eat animals and only eat plants; how can we ever know that for sure?

This video: Bashar – Vegan/Vegetarian/or Carnivore?, covers this topic really well.

I love what he says about ‘Plants have Feelings too’, because I have always known that. And when people say, ‘It’s more sensitive to not eat meat because animals have feelings, I often think ‘well so do plants‘. Some plants when you touch them shy away or even bite your finger (more so in Amazon style forests or the tropics). 

So it’s like, What? It’s okay to eat that plant because they can’t fight back and we can put our ideas on what it means to it without it be outwardly retorted?’

Ultimately, you have to do what truly feels right for you. 

We are all so intricately connected, atomically, energetically; nothing is separate from us. And I think that is what scares us. 

We have to get out of our heads and into our feelings and instincts. 

The answers you get about what is right for you might be very different for me. 

I invite you though, to be open, and to question what it really means to be a consumer of life. Because there is no way that it is possible to be a Human on Earth and not Consume life. You are a part of this ‘Circle of Life’. Even if you are Breathairian, you are still surviving on and taking in loads of atmospheric electricity and energy in the air to stay alive. You cannot avoid ‘Taking Life‘.

And I don’t personally feel that we are meant to. It’s almost a superiority complex; a believing that ‘I am Higher than this world that I am a part of. A world that consumes and then discharges.‘ It is, at this point of our human evolution, The Process of Life.

So Be Who You Are, and do what you do. But don’t put your own health and vitality at risk to suffer the demise of your own Ideas.

(If your ideas work, then they work, be aware of pride though, as it can often get in out way.) 

Best wishes on your day, and I invite you to Kindly share your ideas with me.



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