MARIJUANA; 🌿 A Gateway, Not a Destination.


Okay this can be a tricky topic. And it’s one that I have some opinions on.

When smoked, marijuana can act as a gateway into 4th & 5th Dimensional realities, hence the feeling of connection, union, oneness and the relief from anxiety and fear. 

But this is a gateway you only need to walk through once. (And ps there are other ways than marijuana to access those States of Reality).

Once you have experienced those states of reality, you now Own that awareness, and know how to access it on your own (meaning you don’t need mind altering drugs to get there).

Now everyone has their own reasons for doing what they are doing.

But my only real point in sharing on this topic is, that if you are wanting to Grow and Develop as a Person, have a healthy and intact Psyche, and also Grow Spiritually, You gotta stop smoking the Ganja. It only opens the door to 4-5th dimensional realities, and when you keep smoking it, you Will STAY there. Meaning you won’t have access to growth beyond this point.

You cannot access 6th, 7th, & 8th and beyond, because the substance itself literally puts a Cap/Ceiling on your awareness. You end up blocking yourself and your own development, and from seeing Divine Reality Clearly.

Of course when you are smoking the stuff you’ll believe otherwise, because you’re not present. 

That is why if you Notice people who smoke regularly they can almost seems as if they have a cloud following them, or that they have certain patterns of denial, or circle of friends they Don’t seem to ‘grow’ or gain genuine traction in their life. It’s caus’ this particular herb ‘when smoked’ Literally Stifles you and holds you back. It muddies up your psychic waters and stagnates you causing unhealthy bacterial growing in your metaphorical ‘pond’.

Now, this is not a judgement on smoking the stuff. It’s just a Guide Post to say, 

If You want Growth, and Genuine Connection with your HigherSelf/God/The Divine, you’ve gotta come off the stuff, and let your experience with it be a one time thing.

Once you have recalibrated your body, psyche, and immune system through diet change, exercise, lots of water, nature time, and perhaps some form of emotional support (counsellor, coach, mentor or what have you), then utilising the practices of Yoga and Meditation will help you get back to those ‘Unified States’ that Ganja once gave you, and much much Higher, More Expanded, More Sober, and More Deeply Fulfilling.

Have a think about it. Don’t get stuck in the Substance trap. All Substances are just Psychological/Energetic Gateways, they are NOT Destinations.

Peace to You and your Heart, 



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