No BS Meditation ~ The Energetic State.. ✨

To Activate this Feeling State within you on a more frequent basis, my suggestions are start off doing it in Nature if you can.

Sit outside on the Earth. Let the Earth bring you into that Natural Energetic State. Use that Grounding Experience of the Earth to Naturally Relax any mental activity you will at first have, and bring you deep into your Body, and Your Breath will start Aligning with the Earth’s Breath.

You’ll become very familiar with that feeling of Safety, of Letting Go of what’s happening in your mind and really connecting with Your Physical body and Your Energetic Body.

If you can’t be outside doing it, that’s also Cool. Another way to do it is to set a timer on Your phone. Start with 5 minutes a day, maybe less, maybe 10 minutes, just set an alarm and sit and breathe feeling present with your body. Eyes Closed and feeling present with your surroundings (sounds, sensations, the feeling of what you are sitting on etc). Don’t ‘Try’ too hard to meditate or quieten your mind so much. Just sit, close your Eyes, Palms facing down and breathe. And just sit there till your alarm goes off or you feel you’re done.


☀️  Emma


Full Video ~ What MEDITATION is Not… The Energetic State.. No BS Guided Meditation.

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