Alternate Nostril Breathing Practice

Alternate Nostril Breathing is excellent for Balancing the left and right sides of the Body. For relaxing and stabilising your Nervous System by assisting in balancing out the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic States in our Nervous System and is apparently great for Our Immune System in balancing out the hot/cooling parts of our Body.

If you want to calm down specifically simply close your right nostril and breathe through your left only for a while. And if you want to bring more alertness and energy to your self close the left nostril and simply breathe through the right nostril for a few minutes.

Balancing the breathing through left and right balances both of those states in our system and brings a sense of Calm and regulation. You can do just a few simply rounds of this Alternate Nostril Breathing or up to 10-15 minutes if you feel. Listen to your body.

This is a Snippet from my Full ‘Hatha Based Yoga Class Video’ ~…

~ Full Yoga Class ~ Beginners Style w Emma Sumner A 35 min Hatha Based Style Yoga Class that is perfect for Beginners and those New to Yoga. This Class also includes some Gentle breathing exercises that assist with Nervous System Regulation & a Guided Yoga Nidra at the end. ~

This Class was made back in 2018.

~ Enjoy, ✨ Emma

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