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Lose Weight = Open Your Heart.

I have always said that all ‘Weight’ is just ‘Energy’, and often stored Tension. It is energy that we carry and hold onto for many reasons. Sometimes Physiologically our bodies hold on in fear of not receiving the nutrients we need, so we store our resources.

And Emotionally & Energetically, we can store weight as a form of Protection, Defiance, Guardedness, & Resentment.

It can be the same with ‘Intense’ levels of exercise, we build our muscles so big and strong, we literally ‘Build Armour‘, especially around our Hearts.

It is all about our Intention and our Emotional State. How we feel about ourselves and what we believe about ourselves is what will manifest in our Bodies. And there is always a ‘reason’ we have crafted our bodies in such a way.

To connect with that reason, we need to connect with our bodies, our emotions and our energy. Allowing ourselves and our Hearts to be opened.

We can do this through ‘Meditation‘, through ‘Yoga‘, through ‘Walking‘, ‘Energy Healing‘, ‘Journalling‘, ‘Dancing‘, and through conscious awareness of how we treat our bodies by what we put in it: ‘Nutrition‘.
(Me at 10: in my Prime.)

The point is, there is no One Way to open up your Heart and your own Energy field, and there is no One Way to release, or integrate that stored Emotion.

From my Personal Experience the one piece of advice I would give, is to ‘Stay With‘. What ever you are doing or experiencing, try your best to stay with your feelings and sensations by breathing and staying connected to the feeling of your body and any points of contact between your body and the environment. (I.e. – Your feet on the Floor, the Back of a chair, or your hips on the ground).

The Answer is alwayswithin
. The core answer is always internal. And sometimes it takes participation with the outside world and external actions to bring clarity to those answers (e.g. Going for that walk, committing to a positive diet change, going to get Counselling, or seeing a Healer etc.)

We need to be willing to show up for that Change. 

Best Wishes,



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